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Corporate Summary.

GHS Environmental, LLC (GHS) is a woman-owned business comprised
of a team of highly-trained, licensed, and motivated environmental professionals. Our staff
experience combines a variety of disciplines that specialize in water resource and environmental consulting. The diversity of our expertise includes water resource and supply planning, hydrology, land development, permitting, water quality studies and monitoring, wastewater and
storm water treatment, and other ecological support. Our combined expertise and innovative problem solving skills provide our clients with cost effective solutions to complex environmental and water resource challenges.

Environmental permitting and compliance is a fundamental component at GHS. We have successfully completed many complex projects involving water allocation, land use, and natural resource development. Our staff has in-depth knowledge of federal, state and local rules, laws, and regulations and provides the most current regulatory information for all permitting and compliance issues.

Our focus is to provide sustainable environmental and natural resource management during the early conceptual phases and design stages of projects by addressing the environmental, economic and regulatory requirements. Permitting strategies, associated schedules, and mitigation plans are devised to successfully obtain various permits, variances, exemptions as needed to take the project into the compliance phase. The professional staff at GHS provides our clients with resolution to their environmental issues in a timely manner with favorable results.
GHS is currently contracted to provide surface and ground water monitoring and sampling services on several large-scale commercial and residential projects. Projects range from pre-development and background stages to long-term compliance monitoring after full build out. GHS staff travel state-wide from the Panhandle, the East Coast, the Tampa Bay area, and further south such as the Ft. Myers/Naples and Ft.Lauderdale/Miami areas. We have also worked in Alabama, Colorado, Louisiana , Mississippi and North Carolina.

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GHS field services include water level monitoring, water quality sampling, water use consumption and conservation for both surface and ground waters; wetland assessment, monitoring and reporting; pond quality assessment and maintenance; and other ERP/WUP compliance services.
Our resource planning services include conservation planning/management, water resource supply planning, land development and planning. Our permitting services expand various sectors and include ERP project management, Federal, State, and Local (County & City) Permits, NPDES, WUP and UIC. Our scientific services include water quality studies, wastewater, surface water and storm water management/treatment, and geologic, hydrologic, ecological, and environmental assessments. Our remediation services include SPCC and SWPPP development and site inspections. Our biological services include Threatened and Endangered Species, vegetative and wildlife monitoring, wetland delineation and UMAM, wildlife habitat
assessment, monitoring, restoration and mitigation design.

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